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Product Focus: Riboflavin 5′-Phosphate

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) plays a key role in the activation and conversion of other B vitamins, red blood cell synthesis, fat and glucose metabolism, and the production and regulation of specific biochemicals. There are many benefits to taking Vitamin B2. These are: Normal energy-yielding metabolism.  Maintenance of the nervous system. Maintenance of skin and mucous… Continue reading Product Focus: Riboflavin 5′-Phosphate

Product Focus: L-Selenomethionine 0.5%

Selenomethionine is an amino acid that contains selenium. The primary use of L-Selenomethionine in food supplements is to provide a bioavailable form of selenium. Who needs selenium supplements? The adult human body contains up to 20 milligrams (mg) of selenium, with the minimum daily requirement for adults being at least 55 micrograms (mcg) per day.… Continue reading Product Focus: L-Selenomethionine 0.5%

Vitamin D3V: How can we help you?

Vitamin D3 is the most bioavailable form of Vitamin D and is produced naturally by the body when the skin is exposed to sunlight. During the autumn and winter months, you need to get Vitamin D from your diet or supplements because the sun isn’t strong enough for your body to naturally produce it. Vitamin… Continue reading Vitamin D3V: How can we help you?

Vitafoods Europe 2021 – Thank you!

We would like to thank all visitors who took the time to meet us at Vitafoods Europe 2022 in Geneva last week. It was a very successful event, with special thanks to our team for keeping things running smoothly throughout. It was great to meet with many of our new and existing customers and discuss the… Continue reading Vitafoods Europe 2021 – Thank you!

Join us: Vitafoods Europe 2022

It’s nearly time… next week is Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!   Our team will be on hand to talk you through our exciting line-up of products, both existing and new.   We will be showcasing:   NEW LAUNCH: Vollagen® Vollagen® is a plant-based alternative to Collagen, made… Continue reading Join us: Vitafoods Europe 2022

Vitafoods Europe 2022 Highlights

We are excited to let you know that we will be attending Vitafoods Europe 2022 on 10 – 12 May in Geneva. Our team will be on hand to talk you through our product highlights which include: NEW LAUNCH: Vollagen® Vollagen® is a complex of Amino Acids in the same proportion as those found within Collagen, but with three… Continue reading Vitafoods Europe 2022 Highlights

Product Focus: Gummies

Gummy vitamins are vitamins presented in a chewy form with a texture and taste similar to gummy candies. The market for vitamin gummies is slowly shifting away from the traditional niche target audience of children, as we are seeing a growing consumer demand in adults looking for a more innovative and convenient way to get… Continue reading Product Focus: Gummies

What’s in stock this Spring? 🤩

There is nothing worse than being ill as the weather improves! With most of us looking forward to the warmer weather and later evenings, we mustn’t let our guard down when looking after our mental and physical wellbeing during these months. With the season changing, it might be worth exploring different ingredients which can help… Continue reading What’s in stock this Spring? 🤩

Why should we use liquids?

With the traditional dosage forms of tablets and capsules being seen as boring or old fashioned, the general public always wants to find more convenient ways to get their daily dosage of vitamins and minerals.   So the question is why not choose liquids?   Supplements presented as a liquid formulation have many advantages over other… Continue reading Why should we use liquids?

NEW DATA: Vollagen® – a Vegan alternative to Collagen 🌱

We’re thrilled to highlight the results of the recent study focusing on Vollagen®’s effects on the skin and nails.Ayton Global Research (AGR), a leading and award-winning independent global consumer testing organisation conducted the study. AGR has over 600K volunteers worldwide and operates under strict quality systems and protocols to deliver impartial efficacy studies that meet… Continue reading NEW DATA: Vollagen® – a Vegan alternative to Collagen 🌱