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Vitamin D: Expecting, New and Breastfeeding Mothers



During the various phases of pregnancy, a well-balanced diet will ensure that individuals get the bulk of the vitamins and minerals they require. On the other hand, some people may find it challenging to get the vitamins and minerals they need to support their immune system and their unborn/new child.

The NHS recommends that new, expecting and breastfeeding mothers take a vitamin D supplement to reduce the risk of complications during the baby’s development in the early stages of pregnancy and birth. 

Vitamin D is often found in some foods, including oily fish, eggs and red meat. However, we understand that this might not be desirable for our broad clientele. Therefore we have a vegan alternative found in our D3V formulations, perfect for everyone at all stages in life. 

Vitamin D can also be found from sun exposure. However, given the British weather being somewhat unpredictable and with the current COVID-19 status, we can provide bespoke D3/D3V formulations in the comfort of consumers homes, without even having to step foot outside of their houses!

Some formulations we currently have in stock include:

  • Standard Vitamin D3 4000iu (Soft Gel Capsules)

Our easy to swallow soft gel capsules have one main active ingredient, including 4000 iu of Vitamin D3.

  • Standard Vitamin D3 5000iu  (Soft Gel Capsules)

Our easy to swallow soft gel capsules have one main active ingredient, including 5000 iu of Vitamin D3.

  • Our Vitamin D3V 1000iu – (Soft Veg Capsules)

Our easy to swallow soft veg capsules have two main active ingredients, including1000 iu of Vitamin D3V.

We also have various formulations to help expecting and new mothers gain the vitamins and minerals their bodies need. 

These are:

  • Pregnancy Tablet

Our easy to swallow Pregnancy Tablet contains essential vitamins and minerals specially formulated for breastfeeding mothers. With 19 active ingredients (including 15 µg of vitamin D), this tablet will ensure both mother and child gain the necessary vitamins and minerals needed.

  • Postnatal Tablet for New Mothers

Our Postnatal Tablet for New Mothers is a well-balanced formula to help support new mothers. This unique formulation includes 25 vitamins and minerals (including15 µg of vitamin D), helps reduce tiredness and fatigue and helps maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

  • Multivitamin Liquid

Our Multivitamin Liquid contains 12 essential vitamins (including 5 μg of vitamin D) to help support the normal function of the immune system for both mother and child. This product is especially popular due to its delicious, refreshing and sweet strawberry flavour. Perfect for everyone at any age.

With an estimated 1 in 5 people in the UK having low levels of vitamin D (and this is expected to rise with people staying at home), our vitamin D formulations are not just limited to new, expecting and breastfeeding mothers. Still, they are encouraged for all individuals at various ages and stages of life. 

Alongside these examples, we can also provide bespoke formulations around any vitamins/minerals mentioned.

Get in contact today, and we’d be happy to provide a quote for your current needs.