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What is Vollagen®?

Vollagen® is a complex of Amino Acids in the same proportion as those found within Collagen, but with three key advantages over Collagen:

  1. The proprietary process uses only plant-source starting material and provides the Amino Acids in the exact desired ratio and in a water-dispersible format.
  2. The Amino Acids are already isolated so ready for the body to easily absorb them.
  3. Vollagen® is suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

Vollagen®, is 100% plant-origin, whereas Collagen is derived from animal sources. It is produced using a proprietary, multistep fermentation and microencapsulation process with a starting material of non-GMO Corn Starch.

The fermentation process allows us to obtain the exact combination of amino acids that we desire, along with the microencapsulation steps, allows us to produce a cold water-dispersible powder. This is in stark contrast to simply combining the equivalent individual amino acids, which exhibit very low solubility.

Of course, Vollagen® is suitable for all demographics, including the Vegan and Vegetarian markets.




Vollagen® is composed of the same 18 Amino Acids as Human Collagen. The blue bars show the levels and rations of amino acids in Human Collagen, the orange bars show the identical composition of Vollagen®.

Vollagen® Powder is available from a minimum 25kg (carton size).