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Vitamin D3V

 What is Vitamin D3V?


Vitamin D3V is Cholecalciferol of 100% plant origin, produced from Algae, and is available in a selection of formats and strengths, perfect for use across a wide range of applications including Foods, Drinks and Nutraceuticals.

Conventional Vitamin D3 is obtained from animal-origins. Vitamin D3V is 100% plant-source yet chemically-identical. It is of the highest quality and purity’s.

Vitamin D3V Formats:


Product Product ID Packaging
Vitamin D3V 1miu/g Oil D3V01 1kg Aluminium Canisters
Vitamin D3V 100,000iu/g D3V02 1kg Aluminium pouches


Vitamin D3V Applications:

  • Liquid supplements including sprays and droppers
  • Children’s fortified confectionary
  • Bakery & Cereal
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Vitamin Pre-mixes