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Product Focus: Gummies



Gummy vitamins are vitamins presented in a chewy form with a texture and taste similar to gummy candies.

The market for vitamin gummies is slowly shifting away from the traditional niche target audience of children, as we are seeing a growing consumer demand in adults looking for a more innovative and convenient way to get their daily vitamins.

Vitamin gummies are particularly very popular in the Nutraceutical industry due to the fact is that they are incredibly versatile. They come in various flavours, colours and shapes and are one of the most popular and convenient ways to deliver essential vitamins in today’s competitive market.

These easy to chew vitamins appeal to both children and adults alike and are preferred by those who have difficulty swallowing conventional capsules or tablets. Gummies are easily digested by the stomach, and the essential nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

We are delighted to say that ProTec can offer gummies in bulk, ready for your own packaging or as a fully finished package.

Bespoke formulations as well as off the shelf formulas are readily available.

Examples are:

  • Ready to use formulations:
  • Vegan D3 Gummies
  • Vitamin C Gummies
  • Collagen Gummies
  • Vitamin D3 Gummies
  • Fibre Gummies
  • Multivitamin Gummies
  • Calcium + D3 Gummies
  • Omega 3,6,9 Gummies
  • Hair + Biotin Gummies
  • Stress Relief Gummies
  • Slimming Gummies ACV
  • Sleep Gummies
  • Elderberry Gummies
  • *Coming Soon! Vollagen Gummies*

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