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Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Our Premium Mushroom Portfolio



We are excited to introduce to you our lineup of mushrooms and the unique benefits they offer for your overall well-being. Consumer awareness surrounding mushrooms has grown due to their health-boosting properties. We take pride in providing the highest-quality mushrooms and have a strong portfolio you can see below:


Cordyceps are renowned for their anti-ageing properties due to their high antioxidant levels. They have potent anti-inflammatory properties and might aid in stabilising blood sugar levels


Shiitake mushrooms have been known to boost your immune system and increase cardiovascular health.

Lion’s Mane

This remarkable mushroom may stimulate brain cell growth, providing support against dementia. It has been known to alleviate symptoms of ADHD and mild depression while reducing anxiety. Lion’s Mane can help maintain a healthy nervous system, protects against stomach ulcers, and promote good heart health.



Maitake may help improve blood sugar and insulin levels.


Chaga has been known to offer various benefits, including regulating blood pressure and stabilising blood sugar levels. Chaga has even shown promise in supporting the immune system and enhancing liver function.


Oyster Mushrooms can help with heart and immune health, are highly anti-inflammatory, can help with blood sugar levels, and can help clear bad cholesterol from the body.

Reishi boosts your immune function, plays a significant role in heart health, helps reduce stress levels, improves sleep quality, and combats fatigue.


If you would like to start a conversation with us, have any questions regarding our product portfolio or would like to request pricing and a sample, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.