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Meet The Team – Quality Department

In this month’s “Meet the Team” segment, we highlight our spectacular quality team that consists of Jack Storey (Quality Manager), Maia Howle (Quality Assistant) & Shantaye Garvican (Quality Assistant).  Our quality team work hard to ensure that our products meet the high standards that we provide for our customers. This can be anything from: Approving […]

ProTec Nutra – available now!

Today, we highlight some of our top picks for march, including our fish oil soft gel capsules and our acid resistant #0 HPMC capsules. Acid Resistant #0 HPMC Capsules Our acid resistant #0 HPMC capsules are specifically designed to ensure the safe delivery of delicate ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, garlic, and high-quality vitamins. They […]

Vitamin D3V®: Solubility

Vitamin D3V® is Cholecalciferol of 100% plant origin, produced from Algae, and is available in a selection of formats and strengths, perfect for use across a wide range of applications, including Foods, Nutraceuticals, and Animal Nutrition.    Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins your body needs to keep you happy and healthy […]

The Buzz Around Menopause

It’s no secret that there is a buzz around menopause supplements. We can provide the products that allow you to get started and get involved in the exciting space of menopause supplements. Please take a look below for the available stock and the available stock we can source. In Stock -Vitamin D -Evening Primrose Oil Caps -Vitamin […]

Discover the Incredible Health Benefits of Our Premium Mushroom Portfolio

We are excited to introduce to you our lineup of mushrooms and the unique benefits they offer for your overall well-being. Consumer awareness surrounding mushrooms has grown due to their health-boosting properties. We take pride in providing the highest-quality mushrooms and have a strong portfolio you can see below: CordycepsCordyceps are renowned for their anti-ageing properties […]

What’s In Stock This Summer?

It’s that exciting time of the year when the temperatures rise, the sun shines brighter, and the days stretch longer. It’s finally the moment to bid farewell to the remnants of winter and embrace the summer vibes. Let’s prioritise self-care and seize every opportunity to savour the glorious summer season. We supply a variety of […]

What’s in stock this Winter? ❄️

It’s that time of year again when the weather is colder, the days are shorter, and the Winter flu lurks around the corner. But we don’t have to feel down about it. We have various vitamins and minerals that improve overall health and well-being, including immune system support and psychological enhancers. Do you know what […]

Restrictions on importing lanolin-derived D3 into the EU

As you may recall, we have previously written about potential legislation limiting the import of lanolin-derived D3 into the European Union (EU). What’s changing? As of the 27th of June, imports of lanolin-derived vitamin D3 from third countries (which includes India & China) will be formally considered as a highly refined product of animal origin […]

Product Focus: Riboflavin 5′-Phosphate

Riboflavin (vitamin B2) plays a key role in the activation and conversion of other B vitamins, red blood cell synthesis, fat and glucose metabolism, and the production and regulation of specific biochemicals. There are many benefits to taking Vitamin B2. These are: Normal energy-yielding metabolism.  Maintenance of the nervous system. Maintenance of skin and mucous […]