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HPMC Capsule Shells

These capsules are used widely as a preferred dosage form in Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical applications. They are popular with consumers as they are taste-free and easy to swallow.

From stock we can offer sizes 1, 0 and 00; other sizes are available to order.

#1 – Cartons of 140,000 capsules
#0 – Cartons of 100,000 capsules
#00 – Cartons of 80,000 capsules

Our minimum order quantity is just one carton!


Our HPMC capsule shells are available in:

Clear Transparent / Clear Transparent
Coloured transparent / Coloured Transparent
Opaque / Opaque
Coloured Opaque / Coloured Opaque
Clear Transparent / Coloured opaque
Clear Transparent / Coloured Transparent


A perfect way to customise our capsules is to print text or designs onto them. There are many options to individualise, such as printing:
• Brand name or logo
• Product name
• Dosage details
Please ask for details.

This is often of great interest to our Pharma clients, to ensure full traceability and avoid any cross-contamination of errors.