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Our Powders and Extracts come directly from the manufacturer so you can be sure of best quality and competitive prices. As well as keeping a number of popular lines in our UK warehouse we can also offer a fast DHL service on most lines to meet a fast 2 week turnaround if required.

Please ask on any Powder or Extract we don’t list.

Product NameLatin NamePart UsedExtract RatioCountry of Origin
Apple Cider Vinegar PowderMalus Domestica Barkh FruitChina
Asparagus Root ExtractAsparagus RacemosusRoot4:1China
Beetroot ExtractBeta Vulgris LinnRoot10:1China
Black Aged Garlic PowderAllium SativumBulb100:1China
Blackberry PowderRubus FruticosusFruitChina
Bladderwrack ExtractFucus VesiculosusHerb4:1China
Blueberry Extract PowderVaccinium CorymbosumFruit4:1China
Broccoli ExtractBrassica Oleracea L Var Varitalica PlanchSprout10:1China
Buckthorn Bark ExtractRhamnus FrangulaBark3:1China
Cactus ExtractOpuntia Dillenii HawRoot & StemChina
Cherry Fruit PowderPrunus Discadenia KoebneFruitChina
Cinnamon ExtractCinnamonmum CassiaBark30:1China
Cranberry PowderVaccinium MacrocarponFruitChina
Dandelion ExtractTaraxacum officinaleRoot4:1China
Fennel Powder ExtractFoeniculum Vulgare MillSeed6:1China
Feverfew ExtractTanacetum PartheniumFlowerChina
Gentain Root ExtractGentiana LuteaRoot5:1China
Ginger Root ExtractZingiber OfficinaleRoot20:1China
Gingko Biloba Extract 24/6Gingko BilobaLeafChina
Gingko Leaf PowderGingko BilobaLeaf50:1China
GlucomannanKonjac GumRootChina
Green TeaCamellia SinensisLeaf20:1China
Hawthorn ExtractCrataegus OxycanthaLeaf & Flower4:1China
Horney Goat Weed ExtractEpimedium Brevicornum MaximLeaf & Stem20:1China
Horesetail ExtractEquisetum ArvenseStemChina
Korean GinsengPanax Ginseng C.A. MeyerRoot10:1China
Liquorice Root ExtractGlycyrrhiza UralensisRoot5:1China
Maca Root ExtractLepidium Meyenii WalpRoot10:1China
Montmorency Cherry ExtractPrunus CerasusFruit4:1China
Oat Straw ExtractAvena Sativa LStraw10:1China
Pine Bark ExtractPinus SpeciesBarkChina
Raspberry Ketone 4%Rubus IdaeusFruit China
Reishi Mushroom ExtractGanoderma LucidumFruiting Body4:1China
Rhubarb Root ExtractRheum PalmatumRoot5:1China
Rosehip ExtractRosa CaninaFruit20:1China
Saw Palmetto ExtractSerenoa RepensFruit10:1China
Sea Lettuce ExtractUlva LactucaLeaf4:1China
Spinach Leaf ExtractSpinacia OleraceaLeaf10:1China
Tumeric PowderCurcuma LongaRootChina
Watercress ExtractNasturtium OfficinaleLeaf10:1China
Watermelon ExtractCitrullus LanatusFruit20:1China
White Horehound ExtractMarrubium VulgareHerb8:1China
White Kidney Bean ExtractPhaseolus VulgarisSeed20:1China