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The best in the business from our exclusive BRC accredited Chinese partner. Popular lines are generally in stock and we offer a fast turnaround on bespoke formula pricing and supply.

Low minimum order quantities on bulk capsules mean we can help any size business.

Please see our standard stock list and don’t hesitate to ask for anything else you need.

ProductProduct CodeCarton Quantity (capsules)Main Active IngredientCapsule SizeColourCountry of Manufacture
Borage (Starflower) Oil 19% GLA 1000mgCS62066000Borage Oil GLA 19%#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 1000mgCS62076000CLA 80% EE Safflower Oil#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Coconut Oil 1000mgCS62806000Coconut Oil#20 oblongWhiteChina
Coenzyme Q10 30mgCS620915000Coenzyme Q10 #6 ovalPuce China
Coenzyme Q10 30mg with Vitamin B1CS695315000Coenzyme Q10, Thiamin Mononitrate 1.1% #6 ovalPuce China
Coenzyme Q10 120mg with Vitamin B1CS689912000Coenzyme Q10, Thiamin Mononitrate 1.1% #12 ovalYellowChina
EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) 9% GLA 500mgCS621912000Evening Primrose Oil#10 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
EPO (Evening Primrose Oil) 9% GLA 1000mgCS62206000Evening Primrose Oil#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Fish Oil 18/12 TG 500mgCS644112000Fish Oil EPA 90 DHA 60#10 ovalClear light yellow oilChina
Fish Oil 18/12 TG 1000mgCS66056000Fish Oil EPA 180 DHA 120#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Fish Oil 18/12 TG 1000mg with Vitamin D3CS67766000Fish Oil EPA 162 DHA 108, Vitamin D3 1miu/g 5mcg#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Fish Oil 33/22 EE 1000mgCS62046000Fish Oil EPA 330 DHA 220#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Flaxseed Oil 500mgCS677312000Flaxseed Oil ALA 50%#10 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Flaxseed Oil 1000mgCS62056000Flaxseed Oil ALA 50%#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Hemp Seed Oil 1000mgCS65916000Hemp Seed Oil#20 oblongClear light yellow oil
Krill Oil 500mgCS657012000Antarctic Krill Oil#12 ovalClear dark red oilChina
Lecithin 1200mgCS62085000Lecithin Acetone Insolubles 61%#24 oblongClear dark amber oilChina
Omega 369 1000mgCS62126000Fish Oil 18/12 400mg, Flaxseed Oil 300mg, Sunflower Oil 295mg#20 oblongClear light yellow oilChina
Vitamin 200iu SyntheticCS692715000Dl-a-Tocopheryl Acetate 1000iu/g#6 ovalClear light yellow oilChina
Vitamin E 400iu NaturalCS621010000D-a-Tocopheryl Acetate 1360iu/g#12 ovalClear light yellow/amber oilChina
Vitamin E 400iu SyntheticCS621110000Dl-a-Tocopheryl Acetate 1000iu/g#12 ovalClear light yellow oilChina
Full range available to order – please ask