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What’s in stock this September?



Around this time of year, as the colder weather and longer nights are beginning to draw in, it is now time to start thinking about adding supplements into our everyday diets to help protect our bodies from the cold winter elements and help keep the dreaded winter flu away. 

It is no secret that catching a cold or the flu this time of year is a high possibility, and with the Coronavirus Pandemic still impacting our everyday lives, we have to ensure our immune systems are working as much as possible. 

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Keep safe and enjoy the sunshine before it’s all gone!

Bulk Soft Gel Capsules
CLA 1000mg (6,000/ctn)               
Fish Oil 18/12 TG 1000mg (6,000/ctn)
Fish Oil 33/22 EE 1000mg (6,000/ctn) – due early November
Fish Oil 50/25 EE 1000mg (6,000/ctn) 
Flaxseed Oil 1000mg (6,000/ctn)
Hemp Seed Oil 1000mg 
Krill Oil 500mg (10,000/ctn)
Lecithin 1200mg (5,000/ctn) – due early November
Omega 369 1000mg (6,000/ctn)
Vitamin D3 4000iu (30,000/ctn)
Vitamin D3 5000iu (30,000/ctn)
Vitamin D3 10000iu (30,000/ctn) 
Vitamin D3V 1000iu (12,000/ctn) – Vegetarian shell – short dated – great price!
Vitamin E 400iu Synthetic (10,000/ctn)

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