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Are you “Fish Oil” stocked for the Winter? ❄️



With rising costs in all areas of our lives, many of us will need our Fish Oil this Winter to help keep us mobile and focused when perhaps we won’t have the heating on as much.

Please plan your ordering – we currently have stock of our 18/12, 33/22 and 50/25 in 1000mg soft gel caps, but stock is moving fast.

Why do we need Fish Oil?
During the colder months, it can be tempting to reduce our physical activity and consume more. However, in reality, with well-equipped gyms and sports clubs, there is no excuse not to be staying in top shape.

As the sea’s natural health aid, it stimulates the immune system. Taking Omega-3 Fish Oil supplements regularly helps the body fight off winter’s typical ailments, such as cold and flu symptoms, allowing you to keep up your regime during the winter.

Additionally, to maintain healthy skin, DHA & EPA aid the elasticity of your skin by helping retain the moisture your skin requires, especially during cold winter days. The fatty acids found in Omega-3 Fish Oil are necessary for everyone during the winter months. When exposed to cold temperatures and dry heated air, it is essential to retain the natural moisturising oil levels for our skin to be well hydrated.

For details on other soft gel capsules, please see our website – www.protecnutra.com – and if you have any further questions or would like a sample, please let us know.

Fingers crossed for a warmish Winter!

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