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Focus On: Phytodroitin



What is Phytodroitin?

Phytodroitin™ is a plant-origin alternative to Chondroitin.

We carefully studied the mucopolysaccharide structure of Chondroitin, and explored the significance of its composition including the role of glucuronic acid. Phytodroitin™ is ideal for Vegan and Vegetarian products but also wider demographic products due to widespread concerns about the shark origin of Chondroitin.

Phytrodroitin™ is registered with the Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society and has also been evaluated by Vegan Outreach.

Phytodroitin benefits a wide range of Nutritional supplement products:

  • Sports performance products
  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis treatments
  • General Bone & Joint health formulas
  • Vegan & Vegetarian products
  • Supplements targeting older consumers

Please see below for sample formulations.