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Restrictions on importing lanolin-derived D3 into the EU



As you may recall, we have previously written about potential legislation limiting the import of lanolin-derived D3 into the European Union (EU).

What’s changing?
As of the 27th of June, imports of lanolin-derived vitamin D3 from third countries (which includes India & China) will be formally considered as a highly refined product of animal origin (POAO). This means that in order to be able to import non-plant origin vitamin D3 into the EU you will be required to have an export health certificate and controls at the border will be in place.

How to avoid these changes?
The most effective way of avoiding these changes would be to switch the supply of any lanolin-derived D3 to our plant origin Vitamin D3V.

Our Vitamin D3V is Cholecalciferol of 100% plant origin, produced from Algae, and is available in a selection of formats and strengths, perfect for use across a wide range of applications including Foods, Drinks and Nutraceuticals.

Below you can see the formats in which our D3V is available and you can also download our brochure.